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About Meric
MERIC Training, Development and Consulting is a subsidiary company to The Middle East Readers’ Information Center (MERIC) Publishing.  Established in 1999, MERIC is a privately owned company specialized in publishing and skills development training, serving the Middle-Eastern and North African (MENA) markets. MERIC’s core commitment to social and economic development of the MENA region has driven us to consolidate forces with the world’s leading publishing houses, learning and training institutes to address human development challenges within the region.


Mission and Values

Our goal is to arm individuals with the skills and knowledge that activate development efforts and drive positive change.

We at MERIC believe that it is only through a better flow and exchange of information that the world can better achieve positive globalization returns. MERIC is committed to fostering scientific and human capital development in the Arab and African regions, through facilitating equitable access to up-to-date knowledge and training provisions. Only through education and skills development, the region will be able to revive its intangible cultural heritage and pass it on to the next generation.

This vision comes through widening the scope of knowledge and skills in the region by providing world-class learning solutions that equip delegates with the tools and techniques that ignite new thinking, better problem solving and rapid growth within a globally competitive world.

Strategic Partnerships& Engagements:

MERIC is an Official Representative for leading international training firms and publishers.  These partnerships hold great benefit as it allows stakeholders in the MENA region to have contact and a strong relationship with a local regional company, whilst accessing prominent learning resources available worldwide.

MERIC Training is specialized in the delivery of learning consultancy, training and interactive multimedia solutions that help organizations build the skills of their staff to achieve better performance and efficiency. The training providers MERIC has partnered with are globally recognized for their unrivalled expertise, the robustness of their learning solutions and years’ experience in providing high-quality training on a global scale. We offer eLearning courses, webinars, facilitated in-house workshops and development consultancy services that cover a wide array of subjects and skills.  Most of the training programs are tailored according to industry, and many can be customized based on the clients’ specific requirements.  We have also translated some of the training content into Arabic to increase accessibility to the wider population in the Arab Region.

MERIC Publishing is an authorized agent &distributor for over forty International Organizations’ Publications in the MENA region. Besides being an official distributor for the United Nations agencies’ publications in the MENA region, MERIC has further established, furnished and developed various libraries from scratch.  Finally, MERIC has realized its important role in delivering information to the Arab Readers and the need for Arabic editions for the Region, and have accordingly, expanded its Co-publishing programs with our Publishers, with a concentration on titles and themes of value and need for our population. MERIC has produced for the World Bank, The World Development Indicators for 2 consecutive years 1999, 2000, Arabic Editions (The World Bank¹s Best Seller and Leading Annual Report). “Construction of Knowledgeable Societies” in 2003 & “Regional Integration & Development” in 2004.It has also produced for the UNDP,  The Human Development Report 2001, 2002 Arabic Editions (The UNDP¹s Best Seller and Leading Annual Report).  MERIC has translated & Published the UNESCO¹s World Water Development Report, Summary, Arabic Edition in 2002. While in 2003, MERIC has also been contracted for the publishing of the UNESCO¹s “Desertification Kit” & in 2004 The UNESCO¹s leading Annual “Education Report 2003-2004”.


At MERIC we are dedicated to improving the performance of learning for our clients every day so we are always delighted when our successes are recognized by the industry:

In the year 2000, MERIC was awarded by The World Bank as the “2000 Sales Growth Leader in the Middle East & North Africa”.



MERIC was selected in The Partners for Development Conference, March 2001 as one of the top 20 Bodies assisting in the development process in Egypt and the MENA Region.

At the Frankfurt International Book Fair October 2003 MERIC was awarded again by the World Bank for the “2003 best overall performance in The Middle East & North Africa”. MERIC has also been selected as one of the top leading Booksellers in the Region via the marketing research held by The Arab Research Bureau in December 2003.


MERIC: Training, Development and Consulting

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