Blended Learning

blended learning


Seminars are conducted by distinguished thinkers who are experts in a specific learning field. Seminars are ideal events for bringing together a large number of delegates to benefit from the expertise of a world-class professional.  They also serve as commercial events to attract positive publicity to the sponsors and/or the organization hosting the event.

In-House Workshops:

Workshops empower teams to thoroughly engage together and tackle real business challenges. Our courses are delivered by accredited Trainers and designed to be practical in nature and include specific skill-building sessions to help you practice and perfect the skills taught.  In addition, all the topics can be presented and discussed against the culture, practice and experiences of your company. The training is therefore perceived as wholly appropriate and so new ideas are more quickly assimilated.

Open – Scheduled Training Workshops:

We offer regularly scheduled courses held at international locations for your convenience.   Open courses are the perfect choice if you have just one or two people requiring training in a specific field. We offer a full portfolio of open courses from Project Management (PRINCE2® training courses and ITIL® training courses), to Personal Development and IT courses such as Microsoft training courses and Oracle training courses. We also have health and safety training courses, law finance and accounting courses as well as sales and marketing training courses.


MERIC’s Innovation fieldtrips take participants on a fast-paced learning adventure to Silicon Valley, USA – a “habitat” for innovation and entrepreneurship. The Valley is a gathering place for researchers, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and highly skilled workers and designers who turn new ideas into innovative products and services. The Valley is home to some of the most recognized brands and companies on earth, including Apple, Google, eBay, Wells Fargo, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco Systems, and hundreds of others.

Corporate Retreats

Great Results with Fun and Learning

Assemble around a corporate goal on an out of office retreat. It can be in the city or at a remote mountain lodge or a beach. You will get transformational experiences that would embed a competency into a group by fun outdoor activities.

E-Learning Courses

Online accelerated learning modules help delegates attain knowledge in a flexible manner.  Our self-paced e-courses develop essential learning skills such as innovation, management and leadership.  Providing maximum flexibility, these courses develop important skills while engaging participants with the tools, techniques, and resources they need for practical implementation.


Webinars offer a cost-effective and time-efficient way for training. They are particularly appropriate for geographically spread teams. Trainers lead participants through live, web-based courses, guiding them through exercises, driving discussion, answering questions, and concluding with critical learning points and take-aways.

Video Learning

Online videos featuring experts and business professionals to support your team members in their daily activities.

Online Databases

We offer Learning Databases that cover various learning competencies and future-planning research and tools.  Many of our databases are interactive and include video clips, case studies, research reports and skill-building tools.

Mobile Learning

We deliver an array of learning solutions via smartphones and tablet devices, making learning available in new situations at the convenience of modern learners on the move. The development in smart phones and tablet devices such as the iPad and BlackBerry are increasing the various ways in which learning can be delivered to learners, and we have been helping our clients take advantage of the opportunities they provide.

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