Business Relationships

Business Relationships

Being A Successful Team Player Fun and interactive course that develops the key skills necessary for becoming a high-performing member of a high-performing team.
Creating Powerful Relationships Through Networking Success in life is never just about what you know. If you are going to make your knowledge, skills and abilities work for you it is desirable to build a wide variety of contacts with whom you can share them in order to build some useful and resilient relationships.
Developing Your Personal Impact and Building Productive Relationships This course will help you to project the image and impression you want to create in the workplace.
Effective Delegation Maximise your team’s skills, increase motivation and achieve success through others. Get an insight into one of the core skills all managers must possess – delegation.
Effective Feedback Skills Develop confidence to deliver and receive feedback effectively. Using a simple seven-step technique this course provides plenty of practical opportunities to develop this essential skill for a workplace professional.
Facilitation Skills Facilitation is the skill, and art of guiding others to solve their own problems and achieve their objectives without simply giving advice or offering solutions
Influencing Skills Have you noticed how some people just seem to know how to get support for their ideas? Learn how to build rapport and trust and sell your ideas so that others buy into them.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of human excellence. By applying the principles of NLP you can model yourself on talented people in order to replicate their success.
Persuasive Negotiation Skills How to get what you want – more of the time. Negotiations happen at all levels, and in all roles in organizations and these skills are essential to anyone working with others, both in internal and client-facing roles.
Practical Consulting Find the key to successful business partnering through this highly interactive programme. Brilliant for anyone in consulting or engagement roles, it will help you ensure all solutions deliver maximum return.
Team Building The ability to work as a team is vital to the success of the organisation, people must first become team players. They must have the ability to work with others and be able to recognise and react to factors that inhibit team growth.
Understanding people and Conflict Deal with conflict more positively by understanding how you appear to others and how to deal more positively with those who frustrate you.

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