Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Body Language – The Hidden Secret of Communicating Successfully Every time we talk, the body supplements our words with dozens of non-verbal elements. You can learn how to use non-verbal cues – i.e. body language, gestures, facial expression and tones of voice to boost your communication success.
Business Writing  Write useful, accurate but concise reports, emails, bids and proposals.
Communicate Effectively Struggling to get your point across? Learn how to communicate more clearly and build better relationships with others.
Interpersonal Communications Learn how to interact effectively with different types of colleagues, customers and suppliers to avoid communication breakdowns
Listening Skills This course is designed for anyone who wishes to improve the most fundamental skill required for anyone who works in sales, service and management: Listening.
Mastering the Art of Public Speaking Improve your public speaking skills by practising and delivering speeches and presentations in a safe environment with personalised feedback.
Presentation Skills Take the fear out of presenting. Deliver the “wow factor” presentation to one or many. This course contains lots of techniques and a safe environment in which to try them.
Professional E-mail Writing Create the desired impact and convey your message more effectively through professional email writing.
Professional Written Communication Develop your writing skills and confidence in order to improve your emails, letters and memos.

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