Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Authentic Leadership This leadership style is consistent with a leaders’ personality and core values, and that is honest, ethical and practical.
Coaching for Leadership Coaching is the key to getting the best out of your people. Knowing when to coach and how to use coaching to great effect can accelerate performance improvement.
Effective Change Management If change is constant – why is it so hard to achieve? Learn helpful techniques to gain commitment to change, to keep your confidence and maintain progress – even when the going gets tough.
Effective Management and Leadership Styles Are you aware of the impact that your management and leadership style has on others? Is your style the most appropriate to motivate and enable your staff to work effectively?
Embodied Leadership Developing a leader, manager, or an efficient staff of any kind, is no longer simply about tips and techniques or sending them off to read a manual. It is about embodying the practices of exemplary leadership.
Executive Leadership Programme Some people have “it” – an ability to connect with and engage others to make huge changes in their organizations. This is essential for any manager moving into a leadership role, or those who need to have more influence with employees and stakeholders.
Performance Management Performance management needn’t be negative. The skills in this course help you get the best from all your people by creating a clear development pathway for each individual.
Project Management People Skills This workshop is suitable for project managers who are looking for tools to more effectively manage the people involved in projects including project sponsors, the project team, suppliers and contractors.
Situational Leadership Situational leadership refers to when the leader or manager of an organization must adjust his style to fit the development level of the followers he is trying to influence.
Supervisory Skills Make the transition from team member to team leader.
Team Leadership Team leaders and experienced supervisors whose success is dependent upon the efforts of their team and teamwork.

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