Personal Effectiveness

Personal Effectiveness

Assert yourself and Build Confidence Don’t be a wallflower. Make sure you project confidence and earn the respect you deserve in all your interactions at work.
Commercial Awareness See the bigger picture and gain an appreciation of the key drivers for successful business and make sure you can contribute to your organization’s success.
Concise Minute Taking Invaluable for anyone who needs to record and circulate notes in any meeting setting; it also covers effective meeting preparation and etiquette.
Emotional intelligence It’s not just about IQ. We now accept that most successful people have a higher EQ – and the great news is that it is possible to develop increased awareness of self and others and use this to great effect to build brilliant relationships.
Finance for Non-Financial Managers Find your inner accountant. Learn how to interpret key financial information about any organisation and you’ll never feel uncomfortable with a balance sheet again.
Making Meetings Work Meeting culture? Break it with these techniques that make meetings action-focused, purposeful and fun.
Manage Conflict and Difficult Situations Fed-up of “noise”? Learn how to calm the choppy waters and keep on an even kneel through the most pressured times.
Managing Information Overload: Tactics for Working Smarter Sharpen your comprehension, memory and speed-reading skills by learning how to improve your focus, respond quickly to change, manage e-mail and rapidly comprehend and retain information.
Managing your time effectively Get yourself organized! Improving your time management and prioritisation is a basic, but often over-looked skill, which will have immediate positive impact on your job performance.
Mind Mapping for Business Learn how to think more creatively and incisively, plan more effectively, improve your memory and raise your effectiveness at work to ever higher levels.
Solve Problems and Make Decisions Do you want to be able to invent solutions that are both highly creative and effective? Do you need to make sure your creative solutions are practical enough to implement? If you are, then this is the course for you.
Stress Management Managers and supervisors, present and aspiring, need to understand stress and how to deal with its effects on their own performance and that of staff who report to them.

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